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Buying and Selling starts with YOU

At the heart of my real estate practice lies a deep understanding that a home is more than just a place—it's where life's most cherished memories are made and kept. 


I don't just facilitate buying and selling; I guide you through the emotional landscapes of leaving a beloved home and finding your next dream space. I approach the process with empathy, expertise, and a personalized roadmap designed to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions while honoring the emotional significance of these changes. 


Are you ready to sell your home filled with memories, or are you searching for a new place to start them?


Either way, my approach is as thoughtful as it is thorough.


For homeowners looking to sell, you’ll benefit from:


A comprehensive roadmap including step-by-step planning and organization to narrow your focus and eliminate overwhelm.

“She guided us about how to get the house ready to show to finding us someone to bring a dump truck and clean the house out to bringing us 3 above asking price offers.”


Emotional support. You will gain not just a REALTOR, but a trusted guide who is committed to preserving your memories while preparing your home for sale.


"It was her human touch - it was nice. I was not concerned about whether I wasn't going to get the value of my stuff and my house.”

— Curtis Marble


Market expertise. I will help you navigate today's complex real estate market, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way.

“Her rigor around analysis is distinctive and she also knows how to work the data.”


Curious About Your Home Value?

For homeowners looking to buy, you’ll benefit from:

“Even after (my home) sold, Martha was helpful with the transition to my new house.”



Personalized search strategy: I understand that everyone’s dream home is different. I work with you to assess your desires and needs, and tailor the search process to find solutions that match your vision.

“(We purchased) a home that had multiple offers far above asking price and she was able to form a strategy that worked well for both the buyer and seller. Our offer was the one that was accepted thanks to Martha.”



Navigational support through the market: The real estate market can be complex, especially in a seller’s market. I understand the complexities and navigate with confidence, ensuring you're informed and prepared to make the best decisions.

“The process from the excitement of the acceptance through the paperwork of the closing was made so efficient and less stressful by working with Martha. She was happy to explain all the steps that would be required to close and was a wealth of information and assistance with an amazing attention to detail.”



A smooth path to homeownership: From initial search to closing, I provide a seamless experience, addressing any challenges that arise with professionalism and a personal touch, ensuring you feel supported until the keys are in your hand.

Are you interested in learning more about purchasing a home?

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